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New Market Real Estate Group offers full range of real estate appraisal and counseling services throughout the United States. The firm has developed a unique system that combines extensive data and human resources, property type experience, geographic market knowledge, and computer technology, tailored to the particular requirements of the client and the assignment. Senior staff is actively involved in every assignment.

  • Valuation. Analysis of market and property value indicators in relation to specific property rights for an estimate of value at a given point of time, such as time of purchase, sale, financing, completion of construction, or stabilized occupancy.
  • Portfolio Analysis and Valuation. Analysis of market and property value indicators in relation to specific properties and/or entire portfolios for a current estimate of value, for internal use, current value accounting, or reporting to investors.
  • Market and Marketability Analyses. Specific market area study of (1) pertinent economic and demographic factors such as population, income, and employment; (2) real estate supply and demand trends; and (3) marketability, in terms of absorption and/or sale, of a specific property.
  • Investment Analysis. Examination of the anticipated financial performance and perceived risk relative to client or market criteria.
  • Review Appraisal. Analysis of reasonableness of valuation assumptions and conclusions and compliance of the appraisal analyses and the report with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as well as those of financial institutions, government agencies, and others.
  • Feasibility Studies. Analyses of real estate profitability based on market or client criteria.
  • Counseling. Advice and professional guidance on matters such as potential acquisitions, target markets, sale or refinancing of existing assets, portfolio review, and investment strategy.
  • Transaction Counseling. For sellers: pricing analysis, cash flow forecasts, offering brochures. For buyers: due diligence, investment analysis, marketability analysis, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Private Arbitration and Mediation. Service as appraiser, appraiser-arbitrator, arbitrator, or mediator in real estate disputes.
  • Real Estate Tax Appeals. Real estate appraisal and court testimony in real estate tax assessment disputes.

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